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SMS system for students

Write tour SMS identificator if you want to recieve info about paragliding lessons

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To recieve SMS-ID, please send SMS with text: ADRESE NAME.SURNAME to 29319915. Please type your name and surname without any macrons, apostrophes, cedillas or umlauts

To activate SMS-ID send SMS text: ON to 1612. Your SMS-ID is: [email protected], where 371xxxxxxxx is your phone number.

Your SMS-ID is [email protected], where 371xxxxxxxx is your phone number.


School Programme

Any pilot with a Category B IPPI card (ParaPro 3 Licence) and a paramotor of his own which meets the applicable technical specifications (suitable for flying a paraglider) can learn to fly a powered paraglider. If you want to fly a powered paraglider but are unsure whether the motor meets the requirements or about the criteria of selection of the most appropriate motor please contact us and we will provide a consultation free of charge.

An individual approach is used in training using a powered paraglider by adjusting the training programme according to the individual needs of the pilot. The training programme includes both theory and practice. Practical lessons start with the study of the equipment and safety aspects. Later the pilot learns to lift the wing up from the ground with a shut-down motor on the back.

Once this has been learned, the pilot starts training how to lift the wing on the ground with the engine turned on. Then the pilot starts making training flights with a powered paraglider in the air. This takes place under the supervision of an instructor and with the backing of radio communication. During a training flight the pilot learns a number of certain exercises. At the end of the course the pilot takes a Category E examination (for flying a powered glider).

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