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SMS system for students

Write tour SMS identificator if you want to recieve info about paragliding lessons

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To recieve SMS-ID, please send SMS with text: ADRESE NAME.SURNAME to 29319915. Please type your name and surname without any macrons, apostrophes, cedillas or umlauts

To activate SMS-ID send SMS text: ON to 1612. Your SMS-ID is: [email protected], where 371xxxxxxxx is your phone number.

Your SMS-ID is [email protected], where 371xxxxxxxx is your phone number.


Safe Flying Training Courses– SIV

Every other year club Adrenalins organises refresher courses (SIV Courses) over the water basin of the Riga Hydro Power Station. Emergency situations are simulated in these courses. Pilots in life jackets are towed by means of a winch and a speed boat. While gliding in the air, pilots are working under the supervision of the instructor and communicating over the radio.

Before starting the instructor describes the current situation (frontal collapse, asymmetric collapse, reserve parachute deployment etc.) in detail, and the pilot deliberately causes the situation and prevents it in midair. Water is the safest medium during the performance of such elements of flight.

In video below you can see SIV course exercises:

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